Specialised drain lining services

Drain lining

Drain lining is a very specialised, but inexpensive, non-invasive method of repairing drains and sewers.  It works by inserting a resin-impregnated felt sleeve inside the existing pipe. The sleeve is moulded into the damaged pipe – using just air - by a method called “inversion”.  This process creates a pipe within a pipe with a minimal loss of cross section (typically 6%).

Once cured, the new pipe also provides added strength to the existing pipe-work and increases flow by making the system watertight. The refurbishment will be ready for use within hours of installation. The materials used are extremely strong, are abrasive resistant and have their own structural integrity, independent of the existing pipes.

For smaller repairs, we also have patch lining systems which we use to repair a section of the pipe, rather than carry-out a complete relining.  Naturally, this is a cost effective and quick solution.

All our lining equipment and materials are provided by Renoline and all their products conform with European Standard BSEN13566-F:2002.


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Drain Lining
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