Removing saniflo system blockages and macerator repairs


Saniflo systems are now very advanced and allow you to install a toilet - and even a complete bathroom - in practically any part of a building with access to a waste disposal pipe. 

Saniflos work by using a macerator to grind solid waste into small pieces which are then pumped to the main waste pipe. However, due to the nature of the design and the size of the pipe, traditional methods to remove blockages cannot be used when there is a problem with the system.  We have specific equipment to clear out blocked Saniflo pipe-work and can then re-instate the system.

The method of clearing a Saniflo system is highly specialised and should only be carried out by trained operatives.  We have had all of our engineers trained so as to be able to undertake this work. 


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Saniflo Drainage Systems
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