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Christmas Drains

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Christmas Drain Cleaning

Christmas is Nearly Upon us, Careful of Those Drains!!!

It's the festive period again and Christmas is nearly around the corner, there will be fun, meeting friends and family, giving and receiving presents, a few drinks and a lot of food being consumed. With all this large-scale cooking, there will be a lot of washing up to do and probably plenty of leftovers to take care off. This is the time when the drainage systems around the country can take a pounding and get blocked up with too much waste going down the sink hole, instead of into the bin. Here are a few points to remember to keep those drains flowing smoothly and avoiding us having to come out and unblock them over this fun time.

What shouldn't go down the sink:

Food - Bread sauce, gravy, custard, cranberry sauce etc., they may seem semi liquid and therefore easy to pour down the sink after everyone has enjoyed their Christmas Dinner, but this would be a mistake and should be disposed of in the proper way i.e. ideally in a food waste bin. No food or any organic material should go down the drain and is better off in the bin. Some of this food may not even drain away and if it does, it can still get stuck further down the pipe and cause blockages, which in turn can eventually could lead to leaks, structural damage and then expensive repair work which can be so easily avoided. The larger leftovers e.g. peas, mash potato, Yorkshires, should be scraped off first before going into the sink to be washed.

Fat, oil, butter and grease - At Christmas time, the calorie count goes through the roof with all use of fats, oils etc in the cooking process and they may seem easy to dispose of down the sink, but at room temperature they are liquid and pour down easy, but when in the drainage system they cool down and can congeal and thicken, attach to the pipes and attract other debris and eventually lead to a blockage. An estimate of the fat and grease going down the drainage system in the UK at Christmas time is well over 200 tonnes, which will put a lot of strain on the free flow of the system.

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