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Unblocking Drains and Drainage Systems

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Clearing Blocked Drains and Sewers

Drain blockages are a very common, but very distressing event. Drains are designed to take the waste water from your sinks, bath, showers and toilets along with human waste and toilet tissue. Any other items should be disposed of in the bin. Most people are led to believe that baby/wet wipes, sanitary products and hand towels can also be dispose of down the loo, but this is simply not true. By flushing these items even though they are usually marked as disposable or bio-degradable adds to the epidemic of blocked drains. One of the other main caused of blocked drains is the disposal of fat, oil and food residue which will solidify and completely blocked the waste pipes. In short:

  • Use the basis of unless its toilet paper, bag it and bin it
  • Wipe off greasy plates before washing
  • Let leftover cooking fat to cool and congeal before disposing of it in the bin
  • Any left-over medication should be returned to the Pharmacist NOT emptied into the drainage system
  • Use a plug strainer to stop unwanted waster entering the system

If you experience any of the following;

  • Bad smells emanating from waste pipes
  • Baths, sinks, toilets or showers that are slow to drain
  • Water backing up into basins or baths
  • Waste not emptying from the toilet bowl

These are all common indicators of a blockage, in the event of experiencing any of these you can be sure you can rely on the team at Art of Drainage to help resolve the issue. Blocked drains are one of the main causes of leakages and cracks forming in both inside and outside pipes. Leaks caused by cracks as a result of blocked drains can cause serious flooding and water damage to your home or business premises, and even long term structural damage if left unrepaired. So in the event of spotting any of the above, act quickly and call us without delay.

We offer a same day service every single day of the year, our team of experienced engineers are always on standby to quickly and without fuss resolve your drainage issues.

After the engineers have made an assessment of the problem they will recommend the most effective way to remedy the issue, usually this will be with drain rods or high pressure water jetting which is widely used within the industry for the effective clearing of drains. Should the blockage be more involved our fully equipped vans will have the right tools for the job, these include:

  • Root Cutting Equipment
  • Specialist Nozzles for the removal of large blocks of fat or scale
  • CCTV cameras
  • Drain Tracing Equipment
  • Manhole lifting tools

Getting The Job Done Right

Our drain surveying and inspection system is second to none and can get to the root of the problem in no time and then we can sort out the pipes or drainage that has been damaged by the tree roots. It is a really fast and cost-effective method to fix any damage caused and get the drainage system backing to working order.

Let The Professionals Help

Our team of professional drainage engineers can be on-site to inspect your drainage system in no time and advise on the best course of action and at a price that will not break the bank. We are all fully qualified, experienced and highly motivated to get the job down right! Please call us on Call Us 0800 048 4534 for a free no obligation quotation.


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