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Drain Locating and Mapping

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Inspecting Drainage Systems To Give An Accurate Layout Map

When starting a new building project or adding a new extension to an already existing building it is necessary to carry out an inspection of the drainage system so that you know the exact location, how it is constructed and where it can be located. We can come on-site and survey and evaluate the drainage system to give the correct location of all the sewers, pipes and drains in the area, so giving an accurate map of the depth of the drains and layout, this maybe required to get planning permission for the new construction.

Our detailed report using High-Tech CCTV Cameras will help create a detailed overview of all drain's layout and can be provided in a SD Memory card for our client's convenience.

Reasons For Drain Mapping

Tracing and mapping out the design of a drainage system is so important in reducing the possibility of mistakes being made during a new construction of a building, for example to avoid digging into existing pipes that could cause some damage and maybe flooding of the local area. This could be very costly to fix and delay finishing the project, so in turn adding more cost in labour, late fees, etc. The survey would show if there any faults, how the drains connect to nearby systems and highlight any regions that need to be looked into and addressed if there are some problems found.

At Art of Drainage we offer a professional, reliable and cost-effective drain mapping service for our customers.

A survey with CCTV cameras is a great way to see if there is a problem with the drains and work out how to go about fixing the problem without expensive and time-consuming excavation work.

Professional Drain Mapping and Location Services

Our up to date High-Tech CCTV camera drain survey and inspection system is second to none and can easily map the whole drainage system that is located in the area needing attention and give peace of mind when on the construction site that all available information is there with regards to the location of the drains. It is seen as a fast and cost-effective method to survey and map the drains and sewers in the area.

We Are The Team Of Drainage Engineers You Can Trust!

Our team of professional drainage engineers can be on-site to inspect your drainage system in no time and advise on the best course of action and at a price that will not break the bank. We are all fully qualified, experienced and highly motivated to get the job down right! Please call us on Call Us 0800 048 4534 for a free no obligation quotation.


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