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Latest News From The Drainage Industry

What Is Going On In The Drainage Sector

New sewer pipeline costing £45million for North Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

This new project for the area is expected to begin at the end of 2109 and is estimated to go for about two and a half years. The plan is to build a 6km sewer line that will dissect north Bristol, which will run between Lawrence Weston and close to Aztec West. Surveys and investigations were carried out by Wessex Water and the residents and businesses in the area affected have been told to expect disruption because of the construction work.

The Water comapny stated: "Where possible the pipework will be laid deep underground, minimising disruption to local residents and businesses." "However, in some places this will not be possible, but we will do everything we can to minimise disruption."

Only time will tell how successful the project will be, and on a personal level we would love to have a look around and see the improvements.

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Blocked Drains on Main Roads - August 2019

There is fear that some of the roads south of Northampton that are prone to skidding could lead to another death due to blocked drains. The A508, to be more specific the drains in Towcester Road are not in a good condition and could cause an accident or worse still death if the drains are blocked and they have not been repaired. The risk of fatality in heavy rains due to silted up drains on two flooding-prone stretches of the main road has meant some action is being taken to clear them in the next few weeks. In at least two occasions standing water was seen as a contributing factor to causing a serious accident.

A recent inspection of the A508 by a member of the public revealed 40 drains blocked by silt and plant growth in just the two-mile stretch between Roade and Stoke Bruerne and they had campaigned for a double gulley, which is effectively a large drain to be installed and it was, but even since then that one was found to be blocked.

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