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Case Studies From Our Work

fastclear van outside admiral casino

Admiral Drain Cleaning

We were called out to this commercial property because they had an issue with 2 of their toilets being blocked and for a business that is open to the public until late, this can be a real issue.

So, we knew that time was of the essence to sort the situation out and have the drainage system working properly again.

new home with solar panels

The Case of the Missing Jewellery

Sometimes precious jewellery not only in value, but in sentimentality can be lost down the plug hole. This is where can help by firstly locating the manholes in the area that we can operate from, then work out the run of the drains, direction and how it flows, to give us a better idea of where the piece of jewellery maybe located, then use a CCTV camera to see if we can see locate it quickly. If all else fails we can then suck out all that is the drain and filter through mesh, so that we can hopefully catch the item there.

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