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Potential Property Buyers Advice About Drains

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Checking the Drainage System Before Buying

When buying a new home or property it is prudent to make sure the buyer carries out a professional led drain survey. This can help check for any issues down below in the drainage system e.g. broken pipes that can cause flooding or could encourage rats into the property. Some of the indications that there is a problem can be slow flowing sinks/baths or a nasty odour coming from the drains, so the person buying the property needs to pay attention to the drains and bring in a professional like us to do a proper survey of the local drains and sewers to avoid any costly mistakes later on and of course avoid any inconvenience.

Time is of the Essence

A professional drain survey is important, so if there is a drainage problem it can be fixed quickly before any damage to property and the surrounding area can occur. Properties near hills or lakes can be at particular risk, due to water collecting in the underground pipes, so more attention should be paid to properties in these circumstances.

What are the Advantages of a Pre-Purchase Survey?

  • Homeowner’s Insurance Claims: Will help with the case if there is a problem when moving in because all checks were done beforehand.
  • Problems Solved Quicker: If there is an issue, the survey will make it faster to identify what needs to be done to rectify the problem, therefore helping engineers, architects or local authorities.
  • Pre-owner Will Pick Up The Tab: Usually the owner selling the home would pay through their existing insurance policy covering the cost of any problem found in the drainage system, but this wouldn't be the case if it is discovered after the sale goes through and the new home owner has moved in.

We Can Help!

We totally understand how important a proper survey of the drains can be for a potential new home owner and our drainage engineers are on-hand to help with High-Tech CCTV Camera equipment. Our operators are here on Call Us 0800 048 4534 to handle any question you may have, sort out the right engineers to be on-site for a survey and give an accurate and professional advice about the best course of action if there is a problem.


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