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Rat Invaders, A Drainage Problem

cctv drainage surveys rat coming out of the drainage system

A Rat Is Always Close By

They do say we are only a few metres away from a rat when we are out and about in our Towns and Cities of the UK. A rat infestation can be a common problem in our drainage system which can affect domestic and commercial users. The rats can use the pipes no matter what condition they are in to get access to many areas of your property with ease. Though once the problem has been identified which is the key, then eradicating them is no problem. You do not want a situation like in the song by the classic band from the 80s, UB40 called "there's a rat in my kitchen".

How Do You Spot A Rat Problem In Your Drains?

The old saying is: "prevention is always better than cure" and in this case that certainly rings true, but you can't always get it right, so acting as quick as possible to sort out the problem is of paramount importance before it goes too far. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for that can reveal if there are rats about:

  • Sounds: Listen for scratching or scrabbling about, especially at night time as they are nocturnal animals.
  • Droppings: They must eat, so they will always leave a sign of this behind them i.e. in their droppings. Usually found in corners or along the edges of interior and exterior walls of the property and about half an inch in size, therefore bigger and easier to spot than what a mouse leaves behind.
  • Teeth Marks: There maybe be signs of gnawing in certain areas where food is or on the pipes, their teeth are strong and can chew through most things.
  • Your Cat or Dog: Pets are the best for watching out for these pesky little intruders and if they show interest in a certain area or their behaviour seems a bit odd, then that should be investigated as they may have picked up some ratty visitor.

What Harm Can Be Done

  • Wild RATS can harbour harmful diseases that they can pass on to humans, livestock and pets.
  • They are also carriers of mites, ticks and fleas which in-turn also carry and transmit diseases and could infest the property too, which you don't want happening.
  • Will eat your food if they get the chance.
  • Can gnaw through wires and cables, also may damage fixtures and fittings.

Therefore, the longer the problem goes unchecked with the rat issue, the harder the situation could be to get under control, therefore it is an imperative to sort out the infestation ASAP. This is where can come in to help you!

We totally understand that a rat problem can happen at any time of the year, day or night. Our operators are on-hand on Call Us 0800 048 4534 to handle any emergency, sort out the right engineers to fix the problem and give an accurate time of when they can be on-site.


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