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Tips To Avoid Drain Blockages

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What To Do To Make Sure Your Drains Don't Get Block Up

Clearing blocked drains is a part of our business that we deal with on a daily basis, but it can and should be avoided if you can help it. Though sometimes it is just one of those things or it can be a sign that more serious aspects of the drainage system need to be investigated, but sometimes it can just because the owner of the property wasn't careful enough about what went down the pipes.

How Do Avoid A Block

  • Food Waste: It can seem like an easy option to let a bit of food go down the plug hole, but this can lead to blockages as they build up in the system. Even something as harmless looking as coffee grounds can keep be a problem and should be disposed of with the rest of the food waste i.e. in the bin! Also, food waste into the drainage system could attract RATS and nobody wants that problem!
  • Fat and Grease: When fat/grease is warm it is liquid form, but once poured down a sink and into a cold drainage system it cools down and will become congealed and could lead to a blockage by sticking to the pipes and will attract more waste food etc. to the pipe wall. So best policy is to trap the fat and dispose of it in a green and environmental way.
  • Hygienic Items: For example, cotton balls, wet-wipes, female hygiene products etc, should not be flushed down the toilet as they can build up and cause a blockage and they do not degrade very well, not like toilet roll which is easily flushed through.
  • Hair: From humans and pets can be a problem too, a simple mesh covering the shower plug hole will easily capture any unwanted hair from going down into the pipes and causing blockages.

If a blockage occurs then it should be addressed and fixed ASAP, the longer the problem goes unchecked, the harder the situation could be to get under control, therefore it is an imperative to sort out the blockage as quickly as possible and by professional drainage engineers. This is where can come in to help you!

We totally understand that sometimes drains get blocked up and need cleared, usually by high-powered jet washing. Our operators are on-hand on Call Us 0800 048 4534 to handle any emergency, sort out the right engineers to fix the problem and give an accurate time of when they can be on-site.


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